【tdr1730】コロンビア号内の新聞記事から読み解く小ネタ その3



The creation of an Atlantic Leviathan

New York,N.Y.-Special to the New York Globe Telegraph- Cornelius EndicottⅢ offers our readers an exclusive chronology of the S.S.Columbia’s birth.

May,1907: Endicott begins designs for the largest ship ever to be built in New York State, the S.S.Columbia.His daughter,Beatrice Rose Endicott,is assigned to design the ship’s passenger areas.

September 16,1909: On his 72nd birthday,Endicott begins construction of the S.S.Columbia with the laying of the keel plate at the US Steamship Co.Shipyard in Brooklyn.

April 15,1911: Almost 100,000 invited guests attend the S.S.Columbia’s launching celebration at the Shipyard.Beatrice Rose Endicott is given the traditional honor of breaking a bottle of champagne on the prow. The hull is launched to much acclaim. S.S.Columbia is transferred to a fitting out basin,where she addition of propellers,smokestacks,and the completion of her lavish interiors and unique Underwater Observatory.

March 2,1912: The S.S.Columbia begins her sea trials, to test her engines and maneuverability. The liner exceeds all expectations and easily receives official certifications from the New York State shipping authority.

March 5,1912: The S.S.Columbia arrives at Pier 54 to complete preparations for her maiden voyage. Additional crew are hired and rained.

March 19,1912: A Grand Sailing Celebration is held on the S.S.Columbia, an exclusive event for her first class passengers and the cream of New York Society.

March 20,1912: The inaugural celebrations conclude,and with great fanfare,the S.S.Columbia finally sets sail at four in the afternoon.