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Inaugural voyage for the S.S.Columbia!

Well Wishers pack N.Y.Harbor

March20,1912,New York,New York The S.S.Columbia,under construction at the United States Steamship Co.’s New York shipyards for the last three years,embarked today on her maiden voyage,a luxurious 3500 mile crossing to Liverpool,England.


Luxury on the waves

Inside and out,the S.S.columbia is outfitted with only the richest of woods,the most ornate of details.The decks are sleek and stylish,designed to relieve the on board passengers of the stresses and cares of daily life.The interior spaces are richly decorated.The ship’s grand staircase is an architectural wonder.Passengers aboard this “floating palace” stroll her decks while taking in panoramic views of various ports of call. Passengers dining in the S.S.Columbia Dining Room,or celebrate the American spirit while enjoying a libation in the Teddy Roosevelt Lounge.




A veritable “City on the sea”

There are ten spacious decks on the S.S.Columbia.

Deck A,the location of the ship’s bridge,is for officers only and not guest accessible.

Deck B ontains the lifeboat stations,as well as the stylish S.S.Columbia Dining Room,an elegant setting for the ship’s First Class passengers.

Deck C-the Promenade Deck is the location of The Teddy Roosevelt Lounge,a warmly welcoming and richly detailed establishment saluting the life and achievement of the United States.

Deck D is where you can find the Columbia’s passengers entrance as well as an entrance to Undersea Observatory.

Deck E,which is below the waterline,contains the glass window of the Undersea Observatory.

Deck E2 houses the ship’s storehouses.

Decks F and F2 house the boiler and engine rooms.